Plastic Surgery Marketing – Why Relying on Intution Hurts Your Practice

Scientific Reasoning Proves do-it-your-self Google Marketing Is Costing You New Patients Every Month

Do-it-yourself marketing doctors unknowingly make a costly mistake each time they spend a dollar on marketing. It costs them new patients, consistent business and profits. The mistake is trusting your intuition.

Let me explain…

It’s no secret becoming a competent surgeon is done by learning scientific information from schools, mentors, trade publications…etc. Real science is the backbone of the plastic surgery art form. Experts have a way of making things look easy thought.

Follow me for a minute….Science and marketing are not usually mentioned in the same sentence. However there are mountains of data on marketing and steadfast rules for what works. Ignore those rules and Google keeps charging your credit card each month, they don’t care.

Herein lies the problem

By simply living life, interacting with people and having likes and dislikes, do-it-yourself marketing physicians mistakenly believe they possess intuitive knowledge of marketing.

…Want Proof

Which headlines is better?

A: Eyelid Surgery Expert

B: Eyelid Surgery Specialist

How long did it take to decide? That snap judgment is not based scientific information, it’s just a guess. One of those headlines will get you 20% more clicks. Choose incorrectly and those patients go to your competitor.

Would you like to know which one is better, based on data? The Expert headline gets about 20% more clicks than Specialist headline. How do we know? We tested it.

Where else are you guessing with your marketing? If you got it wrong, don’t worry.

You are a highly trained decision maker. It’s a habit that serves you well in many areas of your life.

Patients count on you to have that skill in life or death situations. The difference there is that you are trained for those decisions and they are backed by scientific research and proven protocols. If you are a do-it-yourself marketer that same skill is selling your practice short.

Tracking exact results like this with plastic surgery ads is now possible. Following a new patient from an ad click to the operating table can give you scientific guidance on where and how to spend your money.

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