Spy PPC Programs, Pizza Ovens & Easy Profits

If you’ve read my emails, you’ve heard my dislike
of PPC spy-programs that promise instant riches.

They are generally sold like this:

Copy what someone else is doing
and BAM you have a business raking in
the big bucks.

So much goes into a successful business
besides the keywords.

It’s like opening a pizzeria across the street from an booming one and thinking the same pizza oven alone, will make you just as successful.

Mama Mia!

They are good for one thing, and that’s
research. We recently did some spying
for a client that sells t-shirts. We found out
a major competitor bids heavily on a
certain birthday term.

Now, the client still has to make the shirts,
and people have to like them and  buy them,
but we did add on a new category thanks
to some clever spying.

There is one “spy” program that’s head and
shoulders above the rest. They must spend
$30,0000/month just on bandwidth to “spy” a
few million keywords and advertisers.

It not only shows you who’s advertising
on a certain term, but if you click on their ad, it
shows you the rest of the keywords they use…
all of their ads and how long they’ve been running.


Right now they’re doing a $1 seven day trial. It’s being
paired with some free training geared towards that get
rich and do nothing idea, but the real value is the
actual spy program.

Sign up for the free trial, play around with it. Even if you
use if for a few days, grab what you need on your
competition, then cancel the trial, it’s well worth it.


Warm Regards


Note: new FTC rules require me to disclose that I’m an affiliate of
this service and if you end up buying they send me money.

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