3,520,000 Results Can’t be Wrong

Ok, here is one PPC tip, probably the best out there….

Structure Your Accounts Correctly & You’ll Pay Less Per Click & Make More Sales

proper adwords account structure

Now, there’s no shortage of articles already written about it.

These guys wrote about it twice!



Here’s more:


And they’re all right…

If you can peel a PPC geek away from his beloved Adwords editor for a minute, the first thing he or she will tell you most people do wrong is structure the account improperly.

You can read about what improper setups are on any of the links above, but the real question is what will you do with this new found information? How many people do you think read these posts, then went back into their accounts and made some changes….hmmmmm

  • Will you spend an hour each Friday re-structuring your campaign to lower your costs & get more conversions?
  • Did you spend 40-70 hours setting up your account correctly before you launched it? (That’s the average amount of man hours we spend launching a new account)

Well, if you value the results of implementation (also known as more revenue) over the ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ of learning new information, we should talk about us doing it for you.  Call us today: 866-819-4650 x 701

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