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Medspa marketing, in particular pay per click is just one piece of the puzzle.  As you’ll find out below, more traffic isn’t always the answer.  You must view medspa marketing as a machine with multiple parts, the website, pay per click, seo. That’s all before someone even picks up the phone to book a consultation.

Problem: 95% of visitors were leaving a medspa website in less than 10 seconds

Hypothesis: People would visit more pages and stay on the site longer if there we removed the “procedure” step and made the treatments and important information options visible and within one click, anywhere in the site.

Baseline numbers:

  • 5.5% of visitors were going to more than one page
  • 5.12% of visitors were staying for more than 10 seconds.  Not good!

Time visitors spent on the Medspa website:

medspa marketing

Amount of Pages Visitors Viewed

medspa marketing

Half way into June a new navigation format was made to the site. Enabling visitors to get from any procedure to the next or view information about the doctor within one click.

The results were immediate:

  • 14.79% were visiting more than one page
  • 14.62% were staying more than 10 seconds

Time visitors spent on the Medspa website in June:

medspa marketing june

Amount of Pages Visitors Viewed

medspa marketing website depth june

July would be our first whole month with the new navigation and the totals we saw were similar to the second half of June, post navigation change.

  • 39.45% of visitors viewed more than one page
  • 38.18% stayed more than 10 seconds
  • 13.16% were one the site from 1-3 minutes a 10x increase over the May numbers

Time visitors spent on Medpsa website in July:

medispa marketing length july

medispa marketing length july

Amount of Pages Visitors Viewed

medspa marketing depth july
medspa marketing depth july

August would tell the same story, confirming the original hypothesis.  The lesson being, make things extremely easy and accessible within the fewest clicks possible, preferably one click.

  • 41.1% of visitors would stay longer than 10 seconds
  • 42% would visit more than one page.

Time visitors spent on the Medspa website in August:

medispa marketing length august

medispa marketing length august

Amount of Pages Visitors Viewed

medispa marketing

Obviously visitors don’t pay the bills, there was a corresponding increase in phone calls & consultations to go along with the visitor stats.

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2 thoughts on “Medspa Marketing – why everyone is leaving your website!

    • Paul R Post author

      on the homepage, most medspa sites have a procedures button, that goes to a second page, listing all of their services. Then the prospective patient is forced to click again, to get to what they really want.

      Our site re-do organized the actual procedures in a logical format and made them available from any page on the site.

      This setup comes from extensive testing on Medspa sites and e-commerce.

      Thanks for the question!