Madonna’s Ugly Cheeks, Plastic Surgery in Mexico and FREE STUFF!

Google is not afraid to help you spend your money by matching your ads up with searches that contain the word(s) you are bidding on.

Let’s look at the term: plastic surgery set up for broad or “phrase match.”  Google is going to show your ad with other searches that contain plastic surgery.

Sometimes it makes sense, like: plastic surgery Denver -or- plastic surgery for my big old nose.  Things you probably wouldn’t think of, that could result in new business.

But….Big But

Google will also show your ad in searches you probably don’t want to be a part of.

These cost you money and do nothing to get more sales.

Same example as above, the term plastic surgery on broad or “phrase match” might also pair your ad up with searches like these:


Check out these clicks from a broad match on cheek implants:


The solution: continually add in negative keywords to your adgroups.   Start with this one, it’s the absolute worst.

The #1 NEGATIVE Keyword you need to have in your Google account



Unless you are providing free plastic surgery, the person doing this search is probably not your next paying rhinoplasty patient.

Google doesn’t tell you that you’re paying for totally worthless searches, they just show you that you got a click:


Unless you are using a third party application or you’ve hired us (we use a third party application) you’ll never know that you are paying the price for people looking for celebrity gossip and free stuff!

By the way, that same account now:


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