John Carlton Simple Writing System Review

John Carlton’s Simple Writing System is open this week.  An epic, interactive copywriting course. I’ve taken it twice and can unequivocally say refining your copywriting skills for two months…with a pro writer…is priceless.  No, it doesn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars either.

Here’s a screen shot of the first headline I wrote for a client after SWS.  A 26.9% increase in conversions:

If you read some of my emails in the past,  you saw screen-shots of credits to my visa card from internet marketing program returns.  Embarrassing!

Let Me Show You Why I Didn’t Return SWS and Would Gladly Pay Double to Take It a 3rd Time…

Here’s how it goes down:

The box arrives via  UPS with John’s Simple Writing System home-study course. It includes a workbook/binder and DVDs.  The course is broken down into 17 easy to follow steps John has used for over 30 years in his own copy.

Side note: Pros don’t write from top to bottom…so it’s not as simple as 1. headlines, 2. sub-heads…etc.

Sounds a little counter intuitive, but it works like gangbusters.

Next, you get an email with log-in credentials for the private forum and an introduction to your personal coach . Million dollar copywriter David Deutsch was my coach last go around.   2 months with him matured my marketing chops by at least 5 years.

Here’s Where I Realized Learning Copy on Your Own Would Take Years vs. Months with Expert Coaching:

….so you pop-in a DVD, watch one of the 17 segments, take a stab at the assignment and post it for your coach to review.  John Carlton chimed in on my stuff several times, with a fatherly ‘shake some sense into you’  kinda of feedback.  Profound feedback actually, wish I could share it with you…

Each time I posted a lesson and thought:

“I nailed that one.”

…then the feedback came…and the initial posts I was most confident in often turned out to be the worst…

In my experience, the Simple Writing System, plus the coaching, rewire your marketing brain and cut years of the copy learning curve…in just two months time.

You’ll learn to write like a pro and get the skills & confidence to handle any email, sales letter, post card or landing page sales copy.  Plus you walk away with a complete sales letter from the 17 steps.   Having a decent writer put together a long form sales letter for you will cost you a few grand minimum, and you won’t get any of the real learning from just outsourcing.  That’s why it’s such a deal.

Right now John’s offering  free coaching with a 3 part express version of the Simple Writing System. Just take a look and I’ll hook you up with a  bonus valued at $150 just for opting in.  Part of the bonus is a private PPC consultation with me, a Perry Marshall recommended consultant. The other part you’ll have to opt-in to discover.

…Plus I’ll throw in a bonus worth $600 if you end up purchasing the Simple Writing System.

— No the bonuses aren’t some silly e-book or digital product that costs me nothing to provide–

Get in on the free coaching at John’s Simple Writing System blog  now.  Then I’ll follow up with you on the bonuses…Remember you can keep one even if you don’t buy!

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