Google Adwords & Backlinks? Toto We’re Not in SEO Anymore

Got an earful about something interesting from  a former Google’r.
It was regarding a factor Adwords is using to evaluate your ppc landing pages
and I doubt you’ve considered this.

No, not  h1 tags or stuffing your bullets with keywords….it was:

QUALITY back links…um yesss, we’re not talking
SEO here. According to my source, quality of the
back-links pointing toward your landing page is important and will
become more important in the future.

Is this crazy talk, I’m not sure? But it does kinda make sense.
On the SEO side Google puts more weight on back-links then
Yahoo or MSN does. Being overly simplistic here,
but you get the point.

So, if good back-links = relevant information the same should
probably be true for PPC…

This brings up a few things, one being landing pages just for
PPC that aren’t part of the SEO game plan.  Squeeze pages, are they in trouble?

With the Adwords quality score hysteria a lot of people are building
a landing pages for every adgroup combination imaginable.
A page for red stilettos then a page for red high heels and another
for red stilettos size 6, 7, 8…etc

If you think about it though, Google is pretty smart in figuring out what pages
are about and what is in the wheelhouse of stilettos size 6.

Going overboard and creating a page for each shoe size may be miss-allocating your
time to higher ROI activities, like WRITING BETTER ADS.

Are a ka-billion landing pages a thing of the past? Not sure, but I think
we’ll find out…either that or my source was full of it 🙂

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