Free Google Ads, Easy Fixes and You Fell For it 2

Studies prove it takes 10,000 hours to master something…Music, sports or business…it doesn’t matter, there are no shortcuts.  Surprise: not even “natural” talent is a short-cut.

If you try and market ‘the truth’ you may have a hard time.  Hard work is not a hot marketing hook.  People rarely pull out their wallets for hard work, even if it’s what they really need.

Take a look a few top selling Clickbank products:

“100% Hands-Free Forex Robot Uses Rcpta Technology”– wow so all I do is plug it in and get rich right?

“Forget Learning it, Just Copy My Campaigns”– ah, thanks for doing all the work.

And my favorite:

“Free Google Ads” turns out the $47 e-book tells you go crazy, bid as high as you can, don’t worry about anything.

The catch: if you make more than you spend you are getting the ads for “free” that’s the “secret” and that’s a bunch of garbage.

People look at PPC the same way.  A pay-per-click firm or expert is rumored to have magic tricks.  Secret methods kept hidden from lay folk.  They implement those tricks, then play golf while the cash register rings away.

The reality: Long hours pouring over data, making intuitive decisions that pieces an enormous puzzle…also known as hard work.

“The idea of epiphany is a dreamers paradise where people want to believe that things are easier then they are” Douglas K. van Duyne

So where are the tricks I mentioned that will shift your adwords account into high gear, with almost no effort.

We will get to those I promise, I just want to set  you up to succeed first with a little reality check.  If you buy into the idea of putting in a little sweat and keyboard grease, the tips to follow will more than deliver on the promise of saving you thousands and turbo charging your results.

So, without further ado here is fix one.  It’s exotic, downright sexy and unbelievably important.  Ok, maybe it’s not sexy or exotic, but it is VERY important.

The number one change you can make for dramatic results is: Tightly focused adgroups, with tightly focused keywords and ads that take people to the appropriate page.

Here’s an example of what NOT to do.  If an adgroup has the following keywords:

-red shoes
-green shoes
-purple shoes

and your ad says

Our Shoes Rock
Your Feet Will Thank You Tomorrow
Free Shipping, Free Horns, Buy Em’

You are flushing sales down the toilet.

The solution:

A new group for red shoes, with an ad that says:

Red Shoe Sale
Red Shoes – Featured in Vogue
Free Shipping, Free Horns, Buy Em’

—the url should take them to a page with red shoes!

This simple fix, can save you thousands of dollars, produce dramatic
increases in click-thru rates and will almost certainly increase conversion.

More tips and fixes to come shortly.  Including the weirdest misspelling
technique you have probably never heard of.

Warm Regards


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