Ok, here is one PPC tip, probably the best out there…. Structure Your Accounts Correctly & You’ll Pay Less Per Click & Make More Sales Now, there’s no shortage of articles already written about it. These guys wrote about it twice! http://www.ppchero.com/a-poor-ppc-account-structure-will-make-your-campaign-suffer http://www.ppchero.com/just-in-case-you-havent-heard-lately-ppc–account–structure-is-still-important Here’s more: http://www.orangesoda.com/blog/quality-score-account-structure http://www.ppc101blog.com/%3Fp%3D36 http://www.web.com/blog/internet-marketing/managing-your-ppc-account-10-tips-for-tip-top-results http://www.searchmarketingnow.com/ppc-tips-for-success-building-a-winning-account-structure-301 And […]

3,520,000 Results Can’t be Wrong

Scientific Reasoning Proves do-it-your-self Google Marketing Is Costing You New Patients Every Month Do-it-yourself marketing doctors unknowingly make a costly mistake each time they spend a dollar on marketing. It costs them new patients, consistent business and profits. The mistake is trusting your intuition. Let me explain… It’s no secret […]

Plastic Surgery Marketing – Why Relying on Intution Hurts Your ...

Medspa marketing, in particular pay per click is just one piece of the puzzle.  As you’ll find out below, more traffic isn’t always the answer.  You must view medspa marketing as a machine with multiple parts, the website, pay per click, seo. That’s all before someone even picks up the […]

Medspa Marketing – why everyone is leaving your website!

Studies prove it takes 10,000 hours to master something…Music, sports or business…it doesn’t matter, there are no shortcuts.  Surprise: not even “natural” talent is a short-cut. If you try and market ‘the truth’ you may have a hard time.  Hard work is not a hot marketing hook.  People rarely pull […]

Free Google Ads, Easy Fixes and You Fell For it